Retaining And Structural Wall Experts

In case your property is on grade, then retaining or structural wall can assist you in reclaiming all of your lost space. The functionality of these walls is not just limited to aesthetics and boundaries alone, it also serves as a barrier that can hold back soil thus keeping the chances of landslides at bay. These walls can be built using a variety of materials such as bricks, concrete, stones and even classic wood.

Retaining walls

Today, retaining walls are veru much in fashion and we can provide you with numerous designs to choose from. We can turn slopes into a terraced yard or stair step to the slope. The choice of the walls depends on the ype of material you choose and we can help you pick the right option. So if you are on the lookout for structural walls, all you have to do is contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you making the right choice.

You would definitely like to see that steep hill outside your house being used. Terracing such space with retaining walls can create level areas that are ideal for planting beds and are very easy to maintain as well. At ACR we build retaining and structural walls in a variety of materials and sizes. Careful designing and engineering is very much important, especially when a structural wall is acting as a support to any major structure on your property. We will also assist you in selecting the right construction material. We can design retaining walls in a way that blends well with your landscaping. A well designed structural wall can not only make your property visually appealing but also improveits usefulness to a great extent.

Why choose us?

Choosing the right professional for the job is as important a thing as the structure itself. Retaining walls deal with huge amount of pressure. Therefore, if the material used for constructing such walls is below the grade, it can easily break up into pieces. Drainage system is also one important factor that needs consideration. An inappropriate drainage system will trap water behind the walls which can prove to be dangerous. Therefore, professional help is important.

We use high strength material to create retaining walls so that it can hold for a long period of time. On the other hand the structural walls that we construct are aesthetically appealing. Design flexibility, cost effectiveness, easy installation, stable, durable and environmentally friendly retaining and structural walls – these are the qualities which make us different from our counterparts. We also offer quotes online.You can visit our website to know more about us and the services we provide. You can even call us on our toll free numbers for further assistance.