The most important role of a retaining wall Brisbane is to hold back land that would otherwise move downward as a result of gravity. In order to withstand the effect of gravity, it is important for the retaining wall to be made of durable and reliable materials. In most cases, they are usually made of stone or poured concrete. On top of serving its purpose, it is important to have a retaining wall with a unique appearance.

When properly constructed, the walls act as a wedge between your foundation and the soil. It serves or even adds to the ground area of the property. On top of retaining soil, they redirect or retain water flow/pressure away from the property. This helps to prevent potential water damage. When hiring a retaining wall Brisbane contractor to build the wall, it is important to have a basic understanding of what goes on into the design. If improperly built, a retaining wall may crack, bulge or lean creating an eyesore and a headache for you.

First, the retaining wall should be built on a suitable base. The base should be set below the ground level. The taller the wall is expected to be, the lower the ground level should be. The base is crucial as it supports the rest of the wall and should be made of compacted soils, compacted sand and gravel.

It is also important for the retaining wall to have a backfill that is properly compacted. This is usually the dirt behind it. The native soils can be used to fill the space behind the wall particularly if you want to do landscaping behind the wall. A proper drainage is also important as most of the walls are impervious and thus don’t allow water to pass through them. A poor drainage can cause cracking or bulging. The load that the retaining wall Brisbane can bear is determined by its height.